Anti Aging Raw Food Diet – Important Facts for You

The sudden craze of people for raw foods has many reasons behind it. Eating raw foods has a number of benefits for all age groups of people. With anti aging raw food diet you can prevent your skin from premature aging and other complications which are common due to today’s pollution and stressed life. Then there are weight loss raw foods, medicinal raw foods, having more energy and much more.

The raw foods which prevent aging have gained more popularity among young people who intent to keep their skin intact, beautiful and glowing. How these raw foods prevent aging of your skin? It’s very simple to understand.

Cooked food lack in antioxidants and have more free radicals which interfere with the collagen and damage your skin. But most of the raw foods like citrus fruits, vegetables and herbs provide your body with required antioxidants. Antioxidants promote collagen and thus reduce the wrinkles and rid you of free radicals.

Talking of raw foods, they include fruits, vegetables and certain kind of herbs only; meat or animal fat can never be termed as raw food. Eating raw meat is quite harmful because they contain worms which can cause serious brain diseases. Before we discuss the raw foods which one should eat to prevent aging lets find out how enzymes too play a vital role in aging.

Our body has endogenous enzymes which help in digestion of food we eat. As we become older day by day the endogenous enzymes deplete and the aging process starts. So when we eat cooked food the endogenous enzymes act to digest it. With aging, the reduced enzymes get more stressed with eating and the body metabolism draws enzymes from other parts of the body to meet other demands including the one of your skin.

But when you eat raw food items you guard endogenous enzymes from depleting. Raw foods contain exogenous enzymes which don’t require much endogenous enzymes for digestion. Thus endogenous enzymes in our body are saved to a great extent and aging does not initiate.

Besides the enzyme factor, the cooked food lacks some of the essential nutrients and antioxidants which help to keep our organs healthy and well functioning. Our skin is not just a simple covering it is the largest organ of our body which needs proper care both external and internal.

Now it’s time to find out which foods replenish the skin and prevent aging. They are sprouted grains, nuts, seeds, fruits, green leafy vegetables, beans and others. There are certain food items which need to be soaked before consumption like almonds, brown rice and others. The other raw food items include fresh juice prepared from vegetables and fruits, salads and alike.

There are some raw foods which contain omega fatty acids like flaxseed oil, evening prime rose and others. You can eat them to keep your skin healthy and glowing. In addition to eating anti aging raw food diet one must care for drinking plenty of water throughout the day as well. Water is the most natural cleansers which act against toxins in the body which too are responsible for breaking down the beauty of your skin.