Restaurants Coupon Etiquette 101

Eating out by using restaurant coupons is a good way to save money, especially if you are on a very tight budget. You do not have to be ashamed of using coupons, as more and more restaurants today use this strategy to promote themselves and to attract more customers. Also, you do not come to the restaurants to eat for free, as most coupons do not offer this kind of deal. What they normally offer is certain discount for certain minimal purchase, buy one get one, or discount for certain promotional items, and so on. Therefore, you still have to spend some money at these restaurants and still deserve excellent service as what other customers get. The servers would not treat you badly or discriminate you just because you use coupons and the other customers do not. However, if you are worried about looking cheap by using restaurant coupons, there is a certain etiquette that you should follow.

First of all, you need to check the terms and conditions of the coupons, such as the locations where you can use them, the expiry date, or certain time or days to use them, and so on. Do not come at the wrong time when the restaurants do not accept coupons as this will be embarrassing. When arrive at your chosen restaurant, kindly inform the staff that you are going to use the coupons before you order. Do not forget to bring the coupons with you as you will have to show them. The staff normally will not accept the coupons if you inform them only after you are done eating, as they will have already prepared your bill. Always be kind to your server and show him or her some respect by saying “please” and “thank you”. If the service is good, you are advised to tip your server, at least 15% of the total amount that you would have to pay without the coupons. By being a good and generous customer, the restaurant staff will remember you and possibly give you other great offers.

While eating, especially if you bring along your friends or family members, make sure everyone shows good attitude by not doing inappropriate things such as laughing too loud, poking noses, or slump in the seat. If your kids start doing one of those things, kindly remind them to behave. The most important thing is, do not compare the restaurant with other restaurants as this will show that your only reason of coming there is to use the coupons, and that makes you look cheap.