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Family Camping Vacation – How to Make Most of Your Next Camping Vacation With Your Family?

Vacation with your Family on a Camping Trip all boils down to how much you are prepared. You want to make most of it not just because you want to have good time, but also because the moments of this camping trip are going to stay with you for years to come.

But, almost 40% of family vacations end with people left disappointed. It is not because of some ill-experience, but because of missing some of key elements.

Here is a list of such elements that you must take care –

1. What are your camping cooking and food arrangements – On your next vacation, spare some thought of how you are going to make food arrangements. The more the number of people on the trip, the more needs everyone will have. So it is a good idea if you sit with everyone and identify what they would like to eat. If something is not feasible, then you may want to tell them upfront.

2. Let there be only one family camping leader – Each member of the vacation is important. At least everyone will think this and you will feel this when there will be thousands of opinion from the family members on each and every decision. Not that it is a bad thing, but if it is uncontrolled, it will certainly lead to chaos! So, you may want to assign a camping vacation leader before you head out. This person should be acceptable to everyone.

3. Assign some responsibility to everyone – Let each person from family going on the trip be in-charge of something. Someone can be in charge of travel arrangements, some for camping vacation gear, some for the lodging etc. Not only will this distribute the duties, but this will also make everyone feel as “needed”, which is also very important.

4. Have a handy list of emergency contact numbers – For your next camping vacation with your family, always be ready with important contact numbers such as of local police, hospital, travel agency, nearest relatives etc.

Family Tent Shop: Planning the Family Camping Trip

First, we should ensure that the tent is as waterproof as it can be. It may be a good idea to have one of the family members pitch the tent in the back yard and use the water hose to give it a good wet down, then go inside the tent and see that we have no tears or holes in the tent that need attention. If there are, they should be attended to at the time. If a rain storm does come up we do not want it to turn our family camping trip into a bad memory, or worst case scenario a disaster. After the tent has dried thoroughly, it should be packed up as neatly and small as possible.

Next, let’s discuss camp wagons. There are many of foldable wagons on the market and we consider this a necessity on a family camping trip. You can load the family tent and other camp necessities, such as ice chests and other items to deliver to the campsite and save trips to the vehicle to move other items to our campsite.

The type of food, groceries and other essentials that we need of the outing should be next in the planning of the family camping trip. The first thing to remember on any family camping trip, is the toilet paper. (When I was young, we went on a camping trip and no one remembered to bring the toilet paper. It was a memorable experience, but not for the right reasons.)

The next item that should be on the agenda, is drinking water. You should at least two liters of water per person per day on the camping trip. (We usually remove about a quarter of the bottle container and put the bottles in the freezer and freeze them. Then we put them in their own ice chest, or store them in the ice chest with perishables This ensures that we have cold or at least cool water for our outing.)

If our camping trip is a short duration, we may want to bring just frankfurters, hamburger meat or other sandwich making items. We generally will freeze the meats overnight, then put them leak proof zip-lock bags, in the ice chest with frozen water bottles. This prevents the added weight of having to buy many bags of ice, (although getting a bag of ice is as back-up is not a bad idea).

A smaller ice chest may be a feasible, for storing other items. Such as sugar, coffee, disposable trash bags, flashlights, matches, paper plates, eating utensils and other items required to make the camping trip enjoyable and relaxing. We must always remember that everything we bring must be taken with us, or properly disposed of when we leave the camping area.

This article was written to assist in the planning of the Family Camping Trip. We hope this article has offered suggestions that you may find useful. Enjoy yourselves and “Happy Trails”.